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recent dissertations

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Kim, Alice S.
Airport Modern: The Space between International Departures and Arrivals in Modern Korean National Imaginings

Tafolla, Vincent
Dialectic, Desire & Discipline: The Formation of the Philosopher on the Scene of the Platonic Dialogue

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Jarcho, Julia
Negative Theatrics: Writing the Postdramatic Stage

Anders, Diana
The Therapeutic Turn in International Humanitarian Law: War Crimes Tribunals as Sites of "Healing"?

Belisle, Brooke
The Bigger Picture: The Panoramic Image and the Global Imagination

Horowitz, Katie
The Trouble with "Queerness": Drag and the Making of Two Cultures

Larson, Satyel
Bearing Knowledge: Law, Reproduction and the Female Body in Modern Morocco, 1912-Present

Lempert, Benjamin
Up in the Sound: Form and Voice in Jazz and Post-War American Poetry

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

Dingler, Colin
Lyric and the Rhetoric of the Serial Mode in Twentieth Century American Poetry: Figuring Voice in the Work of Spicer, Berrigan, and Ashbery

Carpenter, Emily
PreOccupied Territories: Polar Landscapes in the Cinema

Dennis, Amanda
Refiguring the Wordscape: Merleau-Ponty, Beckett and the Body

Dizon, Michelle
Vision in Ruins

Tran, Quang-Anh Richard
From Red Lights to Red Flags: A History of Gender in Colonial and Contemporary Vietnam

Valiavicharska, Zhivka
Spectral Socialisms: Marxism-Leninism and the Future of Marxist Thought in Post-Socialist Bulgaria

Weiner, Andrew
Times of the Event: On the Aesthetico-Political in West Germany and Austria circa 1968

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Bassiri, Nima
Dislocations of the Brain: Subjectivity and Cerebral Topology from Descartes to Nineteenth Century Neuroscience

Rogers, James Bradley
Integration and the American Musical: From Musical Theatre to Performance Studies

Hill, Angela
"This Modern Day Slavery": Sex Trafficking and Moral Panic in the United Kingdom

Napolin, Julie Beth
Listening Speaks: Modernism and the Storytelling Voice

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Huber, Amy
The General Theatre of Death: Modern Fatality and Modernist Form

Paulsen, Kristina
Real Time over Real Space: Television, Telepresence and Contemporary Art

Pearl, Colleen
Sans Retour: Subjectivity, Ethics and the Question of Survival in the work of Semprun, Levinas and Derrida

Thiem, Annika
Fate, Guilt and Messianic Interruptions: Ethics of Theological Critique in Hermann Cohen and Walter Benjamin

Winter, Yves
Beyond Blood and Coercion: A Study of Violence in Machiavelli and Marx

Kendall, Sara
Contested Jurisdictions: Legitimacy and Governance at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Jamgochian, Amy
Tentative Futures: Ethics and Sexuality in the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Morgan, Benjamin
The Matter of Beauty: Materialism and the Self in Victorian Aesthetic Theory

Barnes, Todd
Immanent Shakespearing: Politics, Performance, Pedagogy

Harker, James
The Limits of the Mind: Cognition and Narrative Form in the Modernist Novel

Davies, Jessica
Life Expectancies: Late Victorian Literature and the Biopolitics of Empire

Napolin, Julie Beth
The Acoustics of Narrative Involvement:  Modernism, Subjectivity, Voice

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Cha, Yoon Sook
The Ethical Bind in the Writings of Simone Weil

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Burgess, Sarah
Standing Before the Law:  Recognition, Power, and the Limits of Identity

Perta, Litia
Archiving Self:  Effacement, Erasure, Disappearance

Roberts, Mark
Masumura Yasuzo and the Cinema of Social Consciousness

Fall 2006 - Spring 2007

Drabinski, Kathryn
Ancient Bodies, Contemporary Selves:  Reading Gender in Late Antique Christian Asceticism

Feola, Michael
Reason, Aesthetics and Solidarity:  Hegel and Adorno on the Reparation of Modernity

Muse, John
The Rhetorical Afterlife of Photographic Evidence:  Roland Barthes, Avital Ronell, Roni Horn

Patterson, Elizabeth
Visionary Machines:  A Genealogy of the Digital Image

Pedretti, Mark
Dead Time:  Narrative Form and Historical Knowledge in the Era of the Cold War

Schneider, Erik
The Question of Ethics for the Metonymically Restless, as posed by Giles Deleuze, Emmanuel Levinas, and Gertrude Stein

Yost, Benjamin
Thou Shalt Not Kill?:  Legal Normativity and the Problem with Capital Punishment

Fall 2005 - Spring 2006

Carrico, Norman Dale
Pancryptics: Technological Transformations of the Subjects of Privacy

Shcherbenok, Andrey
Trauma and Ideology in the Soviet Film of 1929-1945

Zilliax, Amy
Seeing it Again: Repetition and Exposition in the American Film Flashback

Fall 2004 - Spring 2005

Feldman, Mark
Narrating, Displaying & Spectating the Animal: Frank Norris, Jack London and the Urban Zoo

Uroskie, Andrew
Between the Black Box and the White Cube: Warhol, Expanded Cinema, and the Emergence of the Moving Image in American Art, 1963-1965

Fall 2003 - Spring 2004

Chong, Sylvia
The Oriental Obscene: Violence and the Asian Male Body in American Moving Images in the Vietnam Era, 1968-1985

Cooper, Julie
Self-Assertion and Self-Effacement in Modern Political Theory

Gurley, Jennifer
Emerson's Platonic Dialogue: Negotiating the American Individual

Murray, Stuart
A Style of Life: Spectral Subjectivity and the Limits of Sacred Life

Nathan, Aaron
The Concept of the Living

Salazar, James
The Rhetoric of Character in Gilded Age American Literature

Stauffer, Jill
This Weakness is Needed: An Intervention in Social Contract Theory

Fall 2002 - Spring 2003

Hartman, Forrest
Heidegger's Tasks: The Many Ways to Being

Lewen, Jody
The Fantastic Subject: On the Role of Images of Matter and Space in Psychic Life, Literature and Psychoanalysis

Meltzer, Eve
Art After Words: Conceptualism, Structuralism, and the Dream of the Information World

Salamon, Gayle
Assuming a Body:  Transgenderism and Rhetorics of Materiality

Fall 2001 - Spring 2002

Fulmer, Jacqueline
Strategies of Indirection in African American and Irish Contemporary Fiction, Zora Neale Hurston to Toni Morrison, and Mary Lavin to fil's Ni' Dhuibhne

Guyer, Sara
Surviving Figures: Romantic Rhetoric and Post-Holocaust Writing

Iwamura, Jane
The Oriental Monk in American Popular Culture: Race, Religion, and Representation in the Age of Virtual Orientalism

Kaplan, Brett
The Aesthetics of the Worst: Remembering and Forgetting in French, Yiddish, and Architectural Holocaust Representations

King, Homay
Effaced Figure: Authorship and the American Cinema

Lo, Meng Yu Marie
Fields of Recognition: Reading Asian Canadian Literature in Asian America

Oh, Sandra Si Yun
Martyrdom in Korean American Literature: Resistance and Paradox in East Goes West, Quiet Odyssey, Comfort Woman and Dictee

Pahl, Katrin
Tropes of Transport: The Work of Emotionality in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

Raskolnikov, Masha
Subject to Debate: Gender, Self and Allegory in the Middle English Poetry of Disputation

Rigsby, Ellen
Vagaries of the Republic: Classical Republicanism and Millennialism in Three Nineteenth-Century Utopian Communities

Shanske, Darien
Thucydides and the Metaphysical Foundations of History

Zimmer, Catherine
Film on Film: Self-reflexivity and Moving Image Technology

Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

Chin, Vivian Fumiko
Authentic Reproductions: The Making and Re-making of More Asian Americans in Donald Duk, Bone, and Native Speaker

Fisher, Jacob S.
Foucault and his Authors

Miller, Jennifer
Heart Murmurs: Narrating Reliable Work, Enacting a Technical World

Rojas, David Alfonso-Jose
The Making of Zoot Suiters in Early 1940s Mexican Los Angeles