Mario Wimmer

Assistant Adjunct Professor


PhD (History), University of Bielefeld


  • 7327 Dwinelle Hall
  • Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30


Research Interests

Modern European History
History of the Human and Social Sciences
Social History
Historical Anthropology
History of Knowledge and Intellectual Practice
Historiography & Theory of History

Mario Wimmer teaches Modern European History. He studied history, sociology, psychology, and science studies, and received his PhD in Modern History from the University of Bielefeld in 2010. His research focuses on three main areas: the cultural and institutional history of knowledge, the critical history of rationality, and the history of an historical sense. Other research interests include the rhetoric of modern humanities and social sciences, the history of media, film, and popular culture, as well as Weimar culture, and the history and memory of National Socialism. He has also worked as a curator and remains interested in curatorial … read more

Selected Articles in Journals
"The Afterlives of Scholarship: Warburg and Cassirer," History of Humanities, 1 (2016) 3, forthcoming.
"The Present as Future Past. Anonymous History of Historical Times," History of Historiography, 2015.
"Kantorowicz's Oaths. A Californian Moment in the History of Academic Freedom," ÖZG Austrian Journal of Historical Studies, 25/2014/3, pp. 117-148.
On Sources. Mythical and Historical Thinking in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna,” Res. Journal for Anthropology and Aesthetics, 2, 2013, 1, pp. 108-124.
Der Geschmack des Archivs und der historische SinnHistorische Anthropologie 12, 2012, 1, pp. 90-107.
Selected Book Chapters
"Conceptual History: Begriffsgeschichte," International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, 2nd edition, vol. 4, Elesevier 2015, pp. 548-554.
"Papierorganismen. Stummes Material und verkörperte Zeit in den Archiven," Berlin (expected) 2015.
"Verkehr. Rhythmus 21 und die Bewegungsformen der Moderne," Hans Richters Rhythmus 21 Schlüsselfilm der Moderne. Christoph Bareither et al. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2013, pp. 158-171.
Edited and Directed Volumes
 Historians at Work, (Melanges Peter Schöttler), ed. by Anne Kwaschik and Mario Wimmer, Bielefeld 2010. (in German)
Omar W. Nasim, "What is Historical Epistemology?," Nach Feierabend, 2013.
Natalie Z. Davis, "Imagination," Von der Arbeit des Historikers ed. by Anne Kwaschik and Mario Wimmer, Bielefeld 2010.
Curatorial Work
 "The Memory of Mauthausen," Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial, Austria exhibition catalogue The Memory of Mauthausen, dir. by Bertrand Perz, Mario Wimmer et al, Vienna
"Siegfriedskopf," Documentation and Permanent Installation of the World War I Memorial "Head of Siegfried" in the Courtyard of the Vienna University with Bele Marx, Giles Musard, and ZONE Vienna

Recent reviews in Isis, West 86th, and H-net.



"Historical Epistemology of the Humanities," DAAD Summer School, Bonn, Germany, July 11-14, 2015.

"Writing Histories of Concepts," International Workshop "Biographies of Concepts in the Human and Social Sciences," Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley, March 19-20, 2015.

"Reading Myth: Kerenyi and Jung," The Making of the Humanities IV, KNIR Rome, October 16-18, 2014

"History of the Unknown. 19th Century Sociography," Modern History Colloquium, Konstanz University, Germany, 24 June, 2014.


"Ranke's Reiterations of the Archives," Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen University, Germany, "Archives and History," 26-28 June, 2014.
Folklore Roundtable "Rethingking the Folklore Archive," Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, April 4, 2014.
"Historical Imagination Before the Digital Age," Open Society Archive, Budapest, Hungary, "Archive/Image. New Archival Epistemes in the Digital Landscape," March 7-9, 2014.
“Towards an Ecology of longue durée,” ZfL Berlin, Germany, “Das Eigenleben der Objekte. An den Rändern des Archivs,” November 7-9 2013.
"On Some Unconscious Aspects in the Study of Knowledge," Annual Meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, San Diego, October 2013.
“Figures of Historical Knowledge,” Inaugural Conference of the INTH, “The Future of the Theory and Philosophy of History,” University of Ghent, Belgium, July 10-13 2013.
 Discussant, “The Idea of Collecting. Collecting Ideas,” International Conference, German National Literature Archive, Germany, May 16-18 2013 (conference report).
 “Historical Imagination and Bureaucratic Practice in the Age of Historism”. Annual Conference of the British German History Society, University of Edinburgh, 13-15 Sept 2012.
 "Timelessness and the Emergence of an Historical Sense,” FSW University of Zürich, March 2012.
 “'Archival bodies' and the Philological Factish,” Fragments and Fragmentation. Centre for Material Texts, Cambridge, UK, September 2011.

Summer 2014, Guest of Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Max-Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
2012 Opus Primum Prize for the best first scholarly book in German, finalist
2010 ETH-Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship
2009 BMWF/IFK Junior Fellowship abroad
2008 IFK Junior Fellow
2008 Gerda Henkel Fellowship in the History of Ideas
2004-07 DFG Dissertation Fellowship