Evyn Lê Espiritu

Dissertation Title

Archipelagos of Settlement: Vietnamese Refugee Diaspora in Guam and Israel-Palestine

Research Interests

critical refugee studies, settler colonial studies, archipelagic American Studies, US empire, history and memory, diaspora, critical theory, gender studies

Evyn Lê Espiritu is a Rhetoric PhD candidate and filmmaker at UC Berkeley.  Her dissertation examines the Vietnamese refugee diaspora in Guam and Israel-Palestine as a means to trace archipelagos of empire—how the Vietnam War is linked to US military build-up in Guam and unwavering support of Israel—and archipelagos of resistance—how Chamorro decolonization efforts and Palestinian liberation struggles are connected via the Vietnamese refugee figure.  Her research is supported by the UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender, the Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies, and the Ford … read more