undergraduate program / rhetoric Minor

rhetoric minor

Minor Requirements (C Average required)

  • Rhetoric 10
  • Rhetoric 20
  • Rhetoric 103A and 103B (Should be taken in  junior year )
  • 3 electives from 104-182 and 189
  • Passed/Not Passed Courses do not satisfy requirements!

Declaring the Minor

Students declare the minor by the end of the eigth week of the semester they add themselves to the degree list.

The Minor Completion petition should be presented to the undergraduate adviser with a recent bear facts printout of the student's grades. If all courses needed for the minor have already been completed the petition will be forwarded to the Registrar's office. If the student needs courses that he or she is currently taking the petition will be forwarded to the registrar's office at the end of the semester. No course taken p/np may be used to satisfy any requirement of the minor.