graduate program / teaching & financial assistance

teaching & financial assistance

Students who meet the timetable will be eligible  although not guaranteed appointment as Graduate Student Instructors for four years.  Most graduate students hold teaching assistantships  for a substantial portion of their graduate careers.  Normally, the  first assistantship begins in the first semester of graduate study;  graduate teaching appointments are usually available for eight  semesters.

For Graduate Division rules and regulations regarding GSIs, see

See also departmental documents on grading, GSI workload , and Rhetoric 1A/1B (Reading & Composition) Guidelines. The application to teach in the Rhetoric Department as a GSI may be found here.

The Department recognizes that for the graduate student, the  educational and financial benefits of teaching eventually are offset  by its time demands.  Students therefore are encouraged to actively  seek out and apply for university and outside sources of financial  aid, especially for the semesters immediately following the qualifying  exam.  Graduate Division has excellent resources in its Fellowship  Office, 318 Sproul.  Applications take time and advance planning;  ask for help; request letters of recommendation well in advance of  deadlines.

University Fellowships

University fellowships including dissertation year fellowships are awarded by Graduate Division during spring semester on the basis of nominations by the Department. As of June, 2001, any student who takes his or her qualifying exams by the third year in the program is guaranteed a two-semester stipend of $14,000 plus fees and nonresident tuition for international students.

See for Berkeley and extramural fellowship deadlines.


Departments award continuing student fellowships and non-resident  tuition waivers out of an annual "block grant."  Applications are  available in the Department office.  The deadline for applications  is March 15.  

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) enable  US citizens and permanent residents to acquire a high level of  competence in one or more languages.  There are academic year  awards and summer awards.  Students may pick up FLAS  applications at the Fellowships and Appointments Office (318 Sproul)  starting in October.  FLAS applications must be submitted by January 5.

Wollenberg Grants

Wollenberg Grants are awarded by a Rhetoric Department committee  twice a year.  Application deadlines are October 15 and February 15.   These modest awards (between $50 and $700) help students offset  expenses for a wide range of activities from archival research to  conference attendance and copyright permissions.

Reduced Nonresident Tuition

Non resident students who advance to candidacy for the PhD have the annual nonresident tuition fee reduced by 75 percent for a maximum of 3 years.
Filing Fee

University regulations require students to be registered to  receive a degree.  However, the Filing Fee may be substituted for the  registration fee if the student has been continuously enrolled since  admission, a status which includes no more than two semesters of  approved withdrawal status.