visiting scholars / Application Process

application process

Information for Prospective Visiting Scholars and Postdocs in the Department of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley

The Department of Rhetoric welcomes your application for post-doctoral or visiting scholar status. To qualify, you must conform to one of the following definitions, A or B:

A. Visiting Scholar

1a) Ph.D. or foreign equivalent conferred more than 5 years ago;

1b) Ph.D. or foreign equivalent conferred less than 5 years ago and a professorial tenure-track position, e.g. Assistant Professor.

1c) Substantial professional experience beyond the master's degree and research interests and competence at the level of a Ph.D. scholar;


2) A program of research endorsed by a faculty member in the Department of Rhetoric. (Applicants should approach faculty members directly. The Department Office and/or the Chair cannot recommend faculty members to applicants.)


3) Research project of at least one month duration;


4) Have a source of funding, e.g., fellowship, salary from home institution, or equivalent external support.

B. Postdoc

Applicants must satisfy all of the following specifications:

1) Possess a Ph.D. or foreign equivalent conferred less than five years ago (however, extenuating circumstances, including health and family care, may allow for exceptions to this requirement);

2) Proposed appointment may not total more than five years of service including previous postdoctoral experience at other institutions;

3) Have a source of funding, e.g., fellowship, or equivalent external support;

4) Pursue a program of research and training under the direction of a faculty member with the approval of the Rhetoric Department and registration with the VSPA (Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs) program at UC Berkeley;

5) May not have been employed as an assistant professor, associate professor, or professor;

6) The appointment term must be at least one month in duration.

Visiting Scholar / Postdoc Application Process

Visiting Scholars in the Department of Rhetoric may, without the payment of tuition or other fees, audit classes (with the exception of courses offered by Summer Sessions or UC Extension), participate in seminars with the consent of the instructors, confer with faculty members, use departmental letterhead stationery for professional correspondence, and receive mail at the departmental address. Other privileges, provided by the University, currently include use of campus libraries, computing services (including an email account), fee parking permit, AC Transit bus pass discounts, intercollegiate sports ticket and recreational sports facilities discounts. Use of housing services is available for an additional fee. International visitors may be eligible for lodging at the International House.

The Department of Rhetoric regrets that it is unable to offer Visiting Scholars office space, computer equipment, or opportunities to teach.