visiting scholars / instructions for applicants

instructions for applicants

Requests should be submitted to your faculty sponsor at least seven months in advance of the proposed date of arrival to the Department of Rhetoric for appropriate signatures. The deadline for submitting all information for Visiting Scholar status for Spring Semester is September 1; the deadline for Visiting Scholar status for Fall semester is March 1.

Interested applicants should take the following steps.

  1. Send the faculty member that you would like to work with the information listed below.
  2. One page research proposal which answers the following questions: What are your research questions and how would you describe your research project? What is the title of your research project? What do you hope to accomplish during your stay in Berkeley? How will your affiliation with Berkeley help you accomplish your research goals? When will you arrive and how long do you intend to stay?
  3. A Current English-language curriculum vitae and list of publications
  4. A Current Native-language curriculum vitae (if other than English)
  5. Letter from Department Chair or Dean stating approved sabbatical leave
  6. Documentation verifying and detailing funding for entire period of desired affiliation (minimum $1,600 per month for scholar, plus additional $500 per month for spouse and $200 per month for dependant child) see below.
  7. Copy of passport information page for scholar and any accompanying dependents

If the faculty member agrees to sponsor you and the department chair gives his or her consent we will enter your information in the VSPA website. We will send you an email notifying you that we have approved your application. At that point you will be able to access the VSPA website,

and complete your information. 

The VSPA office will examine your information and if you are approved notify the Rhetoric department.The Rhetoric department will then let you know that the approval process is complete. 

Read all of the information in the 'Pre and Post Arrival Information' section of the VSPA web site. International applicants should also real all of the information in the 'for International Affiliates' section of the VSPA website. Additional information for international visitors can be found at the Berkeley International Office website. Please note the visa approval and visa fee processing section.