graduate program / student interests

student interests

Matt Bonal has an A.B. in English and Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College. He is interested in the material politics of subjectivity, the multitude, violence, and global capital in both the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.

Colin Dingler has a BA in Rhetoric from UCB. He is interested in the intersections of poetry/poetics and interdisciplinary approaches to language theory.

Michelle Dizon holds a BA in History of Art and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. She also holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio from the Department of Art at UCLA. Dizon is an artist, filmmaker, and writer whose work addresses questions of postcoloniality, racialization, sexuality, subaltern identity, and historical memory. Her recent projects have examined the legacies of US colonialism in the Philippines, the dialogics of resistance between subaltern movements in the postcolonial world, the politics of language and visibility in events of civil unrest, the question of witnessing and the mode of presence and temporality that it implies, and the specters left in the wake of state policies related to migration. She is a co-founder of Imprenta, an artist-run space devoted to postcolonial feminist issues in Los Angeles. Her dissertation, entitled Refugee Forms, considers historical memory as it relates to questions of violence, subalternity, contemporary art, and globalization.

Ben Lempert has a BA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley and most of a BFA in Jazz Performance from the New School in New York. His Interests include Heidegger and phenomenology, poetry and poetics, psychoanalysis, critical philosophy, American literature, jazz and improvised music.

Paul Nadal has a BA in English and Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington and an MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA. His areas of interests are philosophy of time, global development, and contemporary Asia Pacific/American literature.

K-Sue Park holds a B.A. in English and as a College Scholar from Cornell and an M.Phil in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Her interests include jurisprudence, critical theory, political and social theory, and psychoanalysis.

Milos Petrovic has a BA in Architecture and Philosophy from Berkeley. His work is in political/social philosophy and philosophy of law, as well as in philosophy of art.

Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan holds a B.A. in Literature from Duke University. Her interests include ethnic representational politics, feminist theory, performance theory, diaspora studies, and (inter-)disciplinarity in the modern university.

Jennifer Stewart holds degrees in philosophy from the University of Calgary (BA HON) and Carleton University in Ottawa (MA). She studies the history of philosophy with focus on the 18th Century (Locke, Condillac, Rousseau), 20th Century phenomenology, and contemporary analytic philosophy of mind and perception, while hoping some day to be elected to Parliament.

Vincent Tafolla has a BA in English from the University of Nebraska. His work focuses on the crossroads of technology, psychology, and religion with a focus on aesthetics.

IK Udekwu holds a BA from UC Berkeley in Rhetoric and Neurobiology. His interests are situated at the intersection of science studies, economic sociology, and theories of the human and machine. He is interested in the rhetorical and material deployment of the idea of "the economy" as an autonomous object in public discourse. His work will focus on how global finance produces genres of "novel objects", which in turn create previously unimagined (and often untamed) opportunities and risks, along with new spatialities, temporalities, and subjectivities.