Rhetoric Concentrations 


Focuses on understanding the development of Rhetorical theory and practice from its genesis in the classical period to its situation in the present. Students will consider how the discipline of Rhetoric has both shaped and itself been shaped by social, political, technological and intellectuals developments over the course of two millenia. Individual courses will enable close study of Rhetoric's influence and adaptation, both in theory and practice, in specific contexts throughout its history.
104   Rhetorical Theory and Practice in Historical Eras
105T Rhetoric of Religious Discourse
106   Rhetoric of Historical Discourse
107   Rhetoric of Scientific Discourse
108   Rhetoric of Philosophical Discourse
109   Aesthetics and Rhetoric
110   Advanced Argumentative Writing
112   Rhetoric of Narrative Genres in Non-literate Societies
114   Rhetoric of New Media
116   Rhetoric, Culture and Society
117   Language, Truth and Dialogue
118   Theory and Practice of Reading and Interpretation
119   Rhetorical Places

Focuses on understanding Rhetoric in its symbolic and institutional dimensions, with special emphasis on legal and political forums. Students consider the discourse of law, politics, and society both in theory and in practice, in an attempt to understand the rhetorical nature of public judgment, action, justice, and legitimacy. Individual courses will enable close study of specific problems, concerns, vocabularies, modes of interpretation and strategies of argumentation arising in public forums of the past and present.
150       Rhetoric of Contemporary Politics
151       Rhetoric of Contact and Conquest
152       Rhetoric of Constitutional Discourse
152AC  Race and Order in the New Republic
153       American Political Rhetoric
155       Discourses on Colonialism and Postcoloniality
156       Rhetoric of the Political Novel
157A     Rhetoric of Modern Political Theory
157B     Rhetoric of Contemporary Political Theory
158        Advanced Problems in the Rhetoric of Political Theory
159A     Great Theorists in Political and Legal Theory
159B     Great Themes in Contemporary Political and Legal Theory
160        Introduction to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse
162AC  Rhetoric of American Culture
163       Rhetoric of Law and Literature
164       Rhetoric of Legal Theory
165       Rhetoric of Legal Philosophy
166       Practices of Rhetoric, Law and Politics
167       Advanced Themes in Legal Theory, Philosophy, Argumentation
168       Advanced Themes in Contemporary Law and Legal Discourse
169       Discourse of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
170       Rhetoric of Social Science
171       The Problem of Mass Culture and the Rhetoric of Social Theory
172       Rhetoric of Social Theory
176       Rhetoric of Material Culture
182       Rhetorics of Sexual Exchange and Sexual Difference

Focuses upon understanding the function of rhetoric in literary, cinematic and visual texts, with emphasis on the role of figure and image in the representation of reality. Students consider the production and reception of narrative 'literature'--oral epic, folktale, lyric poem, novel, etc.--and film, in an attempt to understand the boundaries of the aesthetic text as a rhetorical analysis of particular literary and visual genres arising in a variety of cultures and historical epochs.
121      Rhetoric of Fiction
122      Rhetoric of Drama
123      Rhetoric of Performance
124      Rhetoric of Poetry
127      Novel, Society and Politics
128T    Politics of Interviews
129      Rhetoric of Autobiography
129AC Autobiography and American Individualism
130      Novel into Film
131T   Genre in Film and Literature
132T   Auteur in Film
133T   Theories of Film
134     National Cinema
135T   Special Topics in Film
136     Art and Authorship
137     Rhetoric of the Image
138     Television Criticism
139     Rhetoric of Visual Witnessing