Work by Rhetoric Faculty

Radical  Formalisms

Radical Formalisms: Reading, Theory, and the Boundaries of the Classical

Mario Telò

Bloomsbury, 2024

Representations 158 cover Telo

Representations,158: Proximities: Reading with Judith Butler

Mario Telò - Debarati Sanyal - Damon Young

University of California Press, 2022

The book cover of Homer The Very Idea by James I. Porter

Homer: The Very Idea

James I. Porter

The University of Chicago Press, 2021



The Postclassicisms Collective

University of Chicago Press, 2019


Learning from Shenzhen: China’s Post-Mao Experiment from Special Zone to Model City

Winnie Wong - Mary Ann O'Donnell, Jonathan Bach

University of Chicago Press, 2017


Une Vie dans le Talmud: Entretiens avec Clemence Boulouque

Daniel Boyarin

Bayard Presse, 2016

Jackson 1

Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good

Shannon Jackson - Johanna Burton, Dominic Willsdon

MIT Press, 2016


Representations 136: Time Zones: Durational Art and Its Contexts

Shannon Jackson - Julia Bryan-Wilson

University of California Press, 2016

O Cinema de Trinh T. Minh-ha

Trinh Minh-ha - ed. Carla Maia & Felipe Flores.

Rio De Janeiro: Caixa Cultural, 2016

Sublime in ANtiquity

The Sublime in Antiquity

James I. Porter

Cambridge University Press, 2016

Cover of "On The Wire" by Linda Williams

On “The Wire”

Linda Williams

Duke University Press, 2014


Comedy and the Discourse of Genres

Mario Telò - E. Bakola - L. Prauscello

Cambridge University Press, 2013

Wimmer arch


Konstanz University Press, 2012

Cover of "Poiesis and Modernity in the Old and New Worlds" Edited by Anthony Cascardi & Lead Middlebrook

Poiesis and Modernity in the Old and New Worlds

Anthony Cascardi - Leah Middlebrook

Vanderbilt University Press, 2012


Controlling Time and Shaping the Self

Michael Mascuch - Arianne Baggerman and Rudolf Dekker

Brill, 2011

Cascardi arta

Art and Aesthetics after Adorno

Anthony Cascardi - Jay M. Bernstein, Claudia Brodsky, and Aleš Erjavec

Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, 2010

Cover of "Socrates and the Fat Rabbis" by Daniel Boyarin

Socrates and the Fat Rabbis

Daniel Boyarin

University of Chicago Press, 2009

Cover of "Derrida and the Time of the Political" edited by Pheng Cheah and Suzanne Guerlac

Derrida and the Time of the Political

Pheng Cheah - Suzanne Guerlac

Duke University Press Books, 2009

L’Autre marche (The Other Walk)

Trinh Minh-ha - In collaboration with Jean-Paul Bourdier

Installation. Musée du Quai Branly (Paris, France).

2006 – 2009

Cover of "Screening Sex" by Linda Williams

Screening Sex

Linda Williams

Duke University Press, 2008

Old Land New Waters

Trinh Minh-ha

Installation. Prefecture Museum and museum of Fine Arts of Okinawa, Japan. Guangdong Museum, China.

2007 & 2008



Winnie Wong

Thresholds: MIT, 2007

Download 1

Eupolis Demoi 

Mario Telò

Florence, Le Monnier, 2007

Bodies of the Desert

Trinh Minh-ha

Digital Video. Gallery Blu (Santa Clara, CA)


Das Gedächtnis von Mauthause

Bertrand Perz et al. (eds)

BMI, 2004

Cover of "Porn Studies" edited by Linda Williams

Porn Studies

Linda Williams

Duke University Press, 2004

Cover of "Queer Theory and the Jewish Question" edited by Daniel Boyarin

Queer Theory and the Jewish Question

Daniel Boyarin - Daniel Itzkovitz and Ann Pellegrini

Columbia University Press, 2003

The Desert is Watching

Trinh Minh-ha - In collaboration with Jean-Paul Bourdier

Photo-and-video installation. Kyoto Art Biennale 2003


Cover of "The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes" edited by Anthony Cascardi

The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes

Anthony Cascardi

Cambridge University Press, 2002, 2002

Trinh sece

Trinh T. Minh-ha: Secession

Trinh Minh-ha - Marina Grzinic and Matthias Herrmann

Secession, 2001

Cover of "Antiquities: Postwar French Thought Volume 3" by Ramona Naddaff

Antiquities – Postwar French Thought Vol. III

Ramona Naddaff - Nicole Loraux, Gregory Nagy, and Laura Slatkin

The New Press, 2001

Cover of "Reinventing Film Studies" edited by Christine Gledhill & Linda Williams

Re-inventing Film Studies

Linda Williams - Christine Gledhill

Oxford University Press, 2000

Cover of "Literary Debate: Texts and Contexts, Postwar French Thought Volume 2" by Ramona Naddaff

Literary Debate – Postwar French Thought Vol. II

Ramona Naddaff - Denis Hollier, Jeffrey Mehlman

The New Press, 1999

Nothing But Ways

Trinh Minh-ha - In collaboration with Lynn M. Kirby

Large-scale, multi-media installation. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA).


Cover of "Histories: French Constructions of the Past, Postwar French Thought, Volume 1" by Ramona Naddaff

Histories – Postwar French Thought Vol. I

Ramona Naddaff - Jacques Revel, Lynn Hunt

The New Press, 1998

Cover of "Everyday Practices and Trouble Cases" edited by Marianne Constable

Everyday Practices and Trouble Cases: Fundamental Issues in Law and Society Research

Marianne Constable - Austin Sarat, David Engel, Valerie Hans, and Susan Lawrence

Northwestern University Press, 1998

Cover of "Crossing Boundaries: Traditions and Transformations in Law and Society Research" edited by Marianne Constable

Crossing Boundaries: Traditions and Transformations in Law and Society Research

Marianne Constable - Austin Sarat, David Engel, Valerie Hans, and Susan Lawrence

Northwestern University Press, 1998

Cover of "Cosmopolitics: Thinking and Feeling Beyond the Nation" by Pheng Cheah

Cosmopolitics: Thinking and Feeling beyond the Nation

Pheng Cheah - Bruce Robbins

University of Minnesota Press, 1998

Cover of "Drawn from African Dwellings" by Trinh Minh-ha

Drawn from African Dwellings

Trinh Minh-ha - Jean-Paul Bourdier

Indiana University Press, 1997


Trinh Minh-ha - Jean- Paul Bourdier

Enlarged stills from Shoot For the Contents. "Post-Colonial California" Exhibition at San Francisco State University


Cover of "Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures" edited by Trinh Minh-ha

Out There: Marginalisation and Contemporary Culture

Trinh Minh-ha - Russell Ferguson, Martha Gever, Cornel West, and Felix Gonzales-Torres

MIT Press, 1992

Cover of "The Subject of Modernity" by Anthony Cascardi

The Subject of Modernity

Anthony Cascardi

Cambridge University Press, 1992


Celtic Language, Celtic Culture

Daniel Melia - A. T. E. Matonis

Ford and Baille, 1990

Cover of "Woman Native Other" by Trinh Minh-ha

Woman, Native, Other

Trinh Minh-ha

Indiana University Press, 1989

Cover of "Re-Vision: Essays in Feminist Film Criticism" by Mary Ann Doane

Revision: Essays in Feminist Film Criticism

Linda Williams - Mary Ann Doane and Patricia Mellencamp

University Publications of America, 1984