• Professor Trinh T. Minh-ha honored


    The Lifetime Achievement Awards were first presented in 1979 in President Jimmy Carter’s Oval Office to Isabel Bishop, Selma Burke, Alice Neel, Louise Nevelson, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Past honorees have represented the full range of distinguished achievement in the visual arts professions. Professor Trinh was honored for her outstanding contribution to scholarship in the Social Foundations of Education field. read more

  • Emerita Prof. Kaja Silverman wins major award


    Kaja Silverman, the Keith L. Sachs W'67 and Katherine Stein Sachs CW'69 Professor of Contemporary Art in the History of Art Department at University of Pennsylvania, and Emerita Professor of Rhetoric and Film, UC Berkeley, is the recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon, Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of her exemplary contributions to humanistic scholarship. The Mellon awards are granted to support the decisive… read more

  • New Book by A.J. Cascardi


    Anthony J. Cascardi, Cervantes, Literature, and the Discourse of Politics (University of Toronto Press) What is the role of literature in the formation of the state? Anthony J. Cascardi takes up this fundamental question in Cervantes, Literature, and the Discourse of Politics, a comprehensive analysis of the presence of politics in Don Quixote. Cascardi argues that when public speech is constrained, as it was in… read more

  • Shannon Jackson – A Rite to Heal


    Red, black & GREEN: a blues (rbGb) is a full-length, multimedia performance work designed to jumpstart a conversation about environmental justice, social ecology and collective responsibility in the climate change era. Professor Shannon Jackson has written a contextual essay, "A Rite to Heal," introducing rbGb's multi-disciplinary collaborators and sharing their creative and community-engaged process in making the project. Read Professor Jackson's essay here and then… read more

  • New Essay on Islamic Law by Satyel Larson


    "State of Equalities: Law, Marriage and Citizenship in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania," in Marinos Diamontides and Adam Gearey, eds., Islam, Law, and Identity (Routledge, 2011) read more

  • New Book by D.W. Bates


    David W. Bates, States of War: Enlightenment Origins of the Political Columbia University Press, 2011 We fear that the growing threat of violent attack has upset the balance between existential concepts of political power, which emphasize security, and traditional notions of constitutional limits meant to protect civil liberties. We worry that constitutional states cannot, during a time of war, terror, and extreme crisis, maintain legality… read more

  • Trinh T. Minh-ha – Elsewhere, Within Here


    Elsewhere, Within Here is an engaging look at travel across national borders--as a foreigner, a tourist, an immigrant, a refugee—in a pre- and post-9/11 world. Who is welcome where? What does it mean to feel out of place in the country you call home? When does the stranger appear in these times of dark metamorphoses? These are some of the issues addressed by the author… read more