• Congratulations to Faith Enemark, an Excellence in Management Award Winner!


    Please join us in congratulating Faith, our Department Manager, who has been awarded the Berkeley Staff Assembly's 2021 Excellence in Management Award! This significant honor for which there were over 100 nominees recognizes exemplary managers and supervisors who have led their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year. Recipients are nominated directly by their staff; Faith was nominated by Graduate Student Advisor.… read more

  • Congratulations to Rhetoric PhD Janice Yu For Accepting a Postdoc Position at Amherst College!


    Rhetoric PhD Janice Marie Yu has accepted the postdoctoral position as a Center for Humanistic Inquiry Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at Amherst College. The Center for Humanistic Inquiry invites scholars from across the disciplines for full-time, residential appointments as CHI Fellows. CHI Fellows conduct intensive, collaborative research under the rubric of a resonant theme. Each fellow also holds an appointment in a department and teaches one course during their residency.  Join… read more

  • A Big Thank You!


    The Rhetoric Department wants to thank you all for tolerating all our Big Give messaging on 3/11 and thank you to those who contributed. We will be in touch again to acknowledge you individually, once we have access to particulars as to who you are! Meanwhile, if you were late, the links are still good! Support us here: 1. The Felipe Rochon Gutterriez Rhetoric Graduate… read more

  • Rhetoric Department Grad Students Linda Kinstler and Timothy Wyman-McCarthy Win 2021 Outstanding GSI Award


    Rhetoric Department graduate students Linda Kinstler and Timothy Wyman-McCarthy have been awarded the Outstanding GSI Award this year. The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award honors UC Berkeley GSIs each year for their outstanding work in the teaching of undergraduates. Our faculty and undergraduates alike are proud to recognize Linda's and Tim’s immense dedication to their students. Congratulations, Linda and Tim! Postscript: Let's also congratulate… read more

  • Support Rhetoric during The Big Give!


    Cal Big Give starts at 9pm PST on March! Make your gift now to the Rhetoric Department and join the global Cal community in coming together over the next 24 hours. We have two ways to support Rhetoric! 1. Support our general department fund Your investment allows us to continue a tradition of excellence in supporting the success of graduate and undergraduate students. 2. Support… read more

  • Conversations in Sound on 3/12 Features Fumi Okiji


    Conversations in Sound on March 12 Features Rhetoric Faculty, Fumi Okiji. Friday, March 12, 1pm PST: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/92112406275 The Sound Studies working group brings together a diverse community of scholars, artists, and performers interested in sound and its contexts. Topics for the twice-monthly discussions and guest speaker presentations include (but are not limited to) cross-cultural work on speech and audition, technological advances in recording and composition,… read more

  • Conversations in Sound on 2/26 Features Two Rhetoric Alumni


    “A Conversation on Literary Accent” Friday 2/12 at 1PM: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/92112406275 Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan: from “Call Center Literature” (2021) Julie Beth Napolin, from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of The Fact of Resonance (2020) Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan is Assistant Professor of English and Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory at the University of Arizona. She is editor of the special issues “From Postcolonial to World Anglophone” (Interventions,… read more

  • Rhetoric PhD Student Yael S. Hacohen publishes “Between Sanctity and Sand”


    Yael S. Hacohen is a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley in Rhetoric. She has an M.F.A in Poetry from New York University, where she was an ‎NYU Veterans Workshop Fellow, International Editor at Washington Square Literary ‎Review, and Editor-in-Chief at Nine Lines Literary Review. Her poems appear in The Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, Bellevue Literary Review, Every Day ‎Poets Magazine, Nine Lines, and many more.… read more

  • Ramona Naddaff Named Faculty Fellow for Poetry & the Senses Program


    Rhetoric's Ramona Naddaff named Faculty Fellow for the Poetry & the Senses Program at UC Berkeley's Arts Research Center (ARC).  Poetry and the Senses creates meaningful opportunities for engagement, research, and collaboration. As a think tank for the arts at UC Berkeley, ARC acts as a facilitator and connector between the campus and the many flourishing regional poetry communities. This ongoing two-year initiative (Jan 2020… read more

  • The Adorno and Identity Seminars


    Negative dialectics, the critical theorist Theodor Adorno wrote, “is suspicious of all identity.” The concept of identity and its negations—nonidentity and negative identity—are woven throughout Adorno’s wide-ranging corpus. This interdisciplinary series of virtual seminars on “Adorno and Identity,” convened by Jonathon Catlin (Princeton), Eric Oberle (Arizona State), and Fumi Okiji (Berkeley), revisits Adorno’s thought at a moment in which political, cultural, legal, and psychological notions… read more