We support without qualification the movement for Black lives and the recent global protests over systemic inequities and state-sponsored terrorism by police and other para-military forces. This systematic racism has led to the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, themselves the latest instances of such state-sponsored killings of black people over the last four hundred years. We condemn these acts and… read more

  • Rhetoric-in-Action Award 2020 Recipient Jessele Perez


    Every year, the Rhetoric Department presents an award to a graduating Rhetoric major who has demonstrated academic excellence and has been actively involved in either community service, art practice and performance or professional work outside the academy and department. This year's extraordinary events have shown the extent to which meaningful and transformative action also takes place in the private sphere, which has been reconfigured under… read more

  • Rhetoric Thesis Award 2020 Recipient Seán McGovern


    The Rhetoric Department proudly names Seán McGovern recipient of its 2020 Thesis Award. Seán's Honor's Thesis, "The Invisible Wound: Toward a Neuropathology of Everyday Life," is an exceptional work of  scholarship. It was supervised by Prof. David Bates. Seán is graduating in 2020 with a double major in Rhetoric and Molecular & Cell Biology, and is a member of the Berkeley Chamber Orchestra and the… read more

  • 2020 Rhetoric Department Citation Awarded to Mateo Montoya


    The 2020 Rhetoric Department Citation is awarded to graduating senior Mateo Montoya. Mateo Montoya is graduating with honor's in Rhetoric with a minor in History. His honor's thesis, "The French State in Public View: Jacques Necker's Compte rendu au roi (1781) and its Legacy," is a study of state transparency and its effect on empowering citizens. A native of Eureka, CA, at Berkeley, Mateo served as a caseworker… read more

  • 2020 Rhetoric Graduates


      Congratulations to the UC Berkeley Class of 2020   Graduating Rhetoric Majors Babakhani, Sintia  |  Baji, Tibor S.  |  Barnes, Alecia A  |  Cruz, Francisco  |  Damron-Hall, Preston V De Bruin, Isabella Marjorie Mae  |  Diolazo, Devyn M  |  Ge, Christina S  |  Ghasemiyeh, Nasim Gonzalez, Taylor Nicole Tahlia  |  Guirguis, Elisabeth  |  Ha, Minji  |  Harrison, Joseph Victor Haughton, Katherine Silane  |  Hayes,… read more

  • Outstanding GSI Awards 2019-2020


    Rhetoric Ph.D. students Marcos Cisneros and Kathleen Powers have been awarded Berkeley's Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor awards for their outstanding work in the teaching of undergraduates in 2019-2020. Our faculty and undergraduates alike are proud to recognize Marcos' and Kathleen's immense dedication to their students. (Pandemic studying and teaching drawing by Marcos Cisneros.)  read more

  • New Fall 2020 Course: Black Sound


      Black Sound: Rhetoric, Performance, Poethics We will traverse a number of fields, including performance, black study, and sound, in our consideration of how blackness manifests in, and provides an analytic through which to explore, voice, music-making, listening, and modern and contemporary soundscapes. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with approaches to study and writing, drawn from sound practices. Prof. Fumi Okiji is the… read more

  • POSTPONED Spring Rhetoric Commencement Ceremony 2020


    Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic, the Spring 2020 Rhetoric Department Commencement Ceremony  that was planned to take place Thursday, May 21st in Zellerbach Auditorium has been postponed. More updates to follow.  read more

  • Enroll for “Rhetoric of Contemporary Politics”— Online, Summer Session D


    150 | D | CCN: 15207 Instructor: Anooj Kansara M/W/F 1-3:30pm | 4 Units   From conspiracy theories and climate change denial, to ‘fake news’ and targeted disinformation campaigns on social media, controversies about matters of fact animate politics today. Yet debunking and fact-checking alone do not seem adequate to the task. This course explores the idea that ours is a ‘post-truth politics’. Together we… read more

  • Enroll for “Rhetoric of New Media”— Online, Summer Session D


    114 | D | CCN: 15203 Instructor: Ryan Ikeda Tu/W/Th 10:00-12:30 | 4 Units   This course explores the effects of digital technology on human expression. Our first approach examines our daily encounters with born-digital artifacts, such as memes, GIFs, tweets, snaps, emoji, and new media works of art. Our second approach investigates hidden, physical infrastructure that make new media possible, for example, the undersea… read more