• Art of Writing Departmental Tutoring

    198-001 | CCN: 29897

    Instructor: Ramona Naddaff

    The Art of Writing Departmental Tutoring Program supports students taking R&C in Comparative Literature, English, Film and Media, and Rhetoric. Upper-level majors with proven writing skills provide one-on-one writing help to students taking R&C courses in participating departments. Tutors are available Sunday through Thursday evenings, and R&C students can sign up for a thirty-minute appointment in advance or drop by to meet with an available tutor. Tutoring is targeted and disciplinary-specific, responding to the parameters of R&C instruction and the challenges faced by R&C student writers in each department.

    Writing tutors are trained by experienced GSIs to support students at any stage of the writing process, from the early stages of brainstorming and organizing to drafts- and revisions-in-progress to sentence-level writing issues. These GSIs provide continued support and mentoring to tutors throughout the semester in the form of regular workshop meetings.

    This program is modeled on a successful departmental tutoring program run by GSIs in the Comparative Literature department for the past several years. In addition to providing targeted writing support to a previously underserved group of student writers, this program aims to bring together R&C students, undergraduate majors, and graduate students in an ongoing conversation about the craft of writing.