• Art of Writing Departmental Tutoring

    198 | CCN: 67306

    Instructor: Ramona Naddaff

     This course is for students selected as writing tutors for the new Art of Writing Departmental
    Tutoring Program. Undergraduates with proven writing skills will work with students taking R&C in
    the departments of Comparative Literature, English, Film and Media, and Rhetoric in one-on- one
    tutoring sessions. They will be trained by experienced GSIs to provide targeted and disciplinary-
    specific writing help that responds to the parameters of R&C instruction and the challenges faced by
    R&C student writers in each department.
    Students who elect to take this course for one unit will be expected to hold three hours of by-
    appointment and drop-in tutoring sessions each week; students receiving two units will provide six
    hours of tutoring per week. Tutors are expected to commit to a consistent weekly tutoring schedule,
    which will be determined in coordination with the Program Coordinator, and to submit regular
    written reports on all tutoring sessions. In addition to their tutoring work, all writing tutors will be
    required to attend one extended training session at the beginning of the semester and regular hour-
    long tutor workshops (approximately every other week) throughout the semester.