• Mapping City Stories

    240G | CY 290C | CCN: 78107

    People, Narrative, Data, Image and Place

    Instructor: Susan Moffat

    Date / Time: TuTh 9-11A, 501 WURSTER

    4 Units

     This course is offered with City Planning 290C with instructor Susan Moffat (Global Urban Humanities Initiative). Enrollment is by approval of instructor. For detailed course desciption and pre-enrollment questionnaire, go to the course website: http://globalurbanhumanities.berkeley.edu/mapping-city-stories.

    In this interdisciplinary workshop-style course, graduate students from many disciplines will learn hands-on techniques of observing, analyzing and representing time, space, and experience in the urban realm in order to better understand and communicate about cities. Cities are physical places, but they are also assemblages of bodies and experiences; the locus and result of memory; and systems of interacting flows and institutions. Humans understand cities through linear narratives as well as spatial experience and representation. The way we analyze and represent these spaces and activities has important implications for the design, building, and management of cities as well as for our understanding of the history, art, and performance that occurs in urban settings and the ecosystems that support them.