• Research Seminar

    221 | CCN: 33675

    Instructor: Daniel Boyarin

    Location: 7415 Dwinelle

    Date / Time: Tuesday 11am-1pm

    2 Units

    Tuesday 11:00am-1:00pm, Dwinelle 7415 /// This course addresses research options (methods of research, theory and its objects, be these texts, media, archives, etc.); discusses how to write abstracts and how to write and submit an article, how to produce grant applications, how to produce a first draft of a dissertation proposal (non-binding), indicating the material to be investigated and the methods to be utilized in pursuing the investigation, the outcome of which will be a preliminary statement of research interests. The statement (around 3,500–4,000 words) is meant to be a provisional first draft of the Research Statement that will be submitted as part of the PhD Preliminary Examinations in Spring of Year 3 (see below). Its purpose is to help focus current and future research en route to an eventual dissertation.

    This course is specifically designed to introduce graduate students about the advance to candidacy to the types of research projects and methods that are available to graduate students in the rhetoric department.

    This aim will be realized via the reading of exemplary dissertations produced by former graduate students in the department. These dissertations will be chosen from a range of possible work that has actually been accomplished in the multi/meta/anti disciplinary program.