• Rhetoric and History

    230 | CCN: 78118

    Cognition and Technology in the Age of Automation

    Instructor: David Bates

    Date / Time: Tu 1-4P, 7415 DWINELLE

    This seminar will look at key theorizations of the relationship between human cognition (especially reason) and technology, from the age of cybernetics and the early computer to the present digital episteme. We will examine closely philosophical, anthropological, and psychological approaches. Our topics will range widely, from the early interest in simulating human thought with computers, to theories of intelligence amplification and distributed cognition, and contemporary reflections on the technological foundations of human experience. We will pay special attention to the social and political implications of these works on human cognition. Authors we will study will include M. Horkheimer and T. Adorno, N. Wiener, A. Turing, M. Heidegger, G. Simondon, A. Leroi-Gourhan, D. Engelbart, N. Luhmann, B. Latour, E. Hutchins, A. Clark, K. Hayles, D. Haraway, and B. Stiegler.