• Science, Narrative, and Image – Hacker/Delany: A Speculative Seminar

    145 | 001 | CCN: 24315

    Instructor: Winnie Wong

    4 Units

    Wed, 2pm-5pm

    Location: Dwinelle 223

    This undergraduate seminar invites students to read the oeuvres of two American luminaries: the speculative fiction writer, critic, and theorist, Samuel R. Delany, and the poet, translator, and editor, Marilyn Hacker. Reading across the many genres of their writing, we will explore their separate and shared concerns with love, sex, race, gender, violence, sexuality, power, and American politics and geopolitics. Reading their work alongside the other, we will explore the relationship between authorship and biography, lived experience and imagination, speculative worlds and aesthetic form. Reading their work against each other, we will experiment with how to read across genres, disciplines, histories, and worlds.


    * This course satisfies the Image and Narrative Concentration