• Special Topics – Black study and critical fabulation

    189 001 | CCN: 33263

    Black study and critical fabulation

    Instructor: Fumi Okiji

    Location: Haviland 12

    Date / Time: Mo/We/Fr 9:00am - 9:59am

    4 Units

    Drawing from the writings and practices of scholars of “black aesthetic sociality” (Laura Harris), we will explore and experiment with unconventional ways to study. This will include broadening the spectrum of possible forms and formats that we might adopt to share our evolving thoughts.

    Anchored in, although not confined to, critical engagement with modern European thought, we will develop tools for thinking and writing, both individually, and toward cultivating communities-in-study. We will be particularly devoted to exploration of, and experimentation with, what Saidiya Hartman has termed “critical fabulation.”

    *This course will meet an Image & Narrative concentration requirement towards the Rhetoric major.