• Special Topics in Rhetoric

    189 - 003 | CCN: 31416

    Television Storytelling: The Poetics of Complex TV Narratives

    Instructor: Felipe Gutterriez

    4 Units

    In this course we will examine the aesthetics and poetics of complex television narrative forms. Through in-depth analysis of the narrative, visual, and aural patterns of these forms, we will analyze the sources of our viewing pleasure as well as the ways in which complex television narratives engage with the moral, social, and ethical questions of our time. Of particular interest in this course will be the long-form storytelling series (e.g, Fargo, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things).
    Required Texts: The required texts for this course are Jason Mittel’s Complex TV: the poetics of contemporary television storytelling, and a course reader that will be available at Zee Zee copy.
    Assignments: There will be a midterm, class presentations, and a final project.