• Special Topics in Rhetoric: Limited Study – Reading Cities, Sensing Cities: a Global Urban Humanities Interdisciplinary Colloquium

    244A | CCN: 78117

    Instructor: Anthony Cascardi,Jennifer Wolch

    Date / Time: Th 1-2P, 314B WURSTER

    1 Units

    This colloquium will examine cities from Tokyo to Tbilisi to San Francisco from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. Guest speakers from disciplines including Architecture, Art History, Art Practice, City and Regional Planning, Comparative Literature, and Theater, Dance and Performance Studies will look at texts about cities, cities as texts, and use art, photography, sound, performance, mapping, and crowdsourced sensing technologies to interrogate the urban experience.

    The aim of this mid-day speaker series is to provide a gathering place where people from different disciplines can learn about each other’s work on global cities.The colloquium is part of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative, a joint project of the Arts & Humanities Division and the College of Environmental Design.

    All lectures are open to the campus community, and visitors are encouraged. Everyone is welcome to bring lunch.

    A complete list of speakers and course requirements will be posted at http://globalurbanhumanities.berkeley.edu/academic-program."