• The Craft of Writing

    R1B 001 | Session D | CCN: 15385

    Technologies of Representation: Media and Meaning

    Location: Internet/Online

    Date / Time: Tu/We/Th 10:00am - 12:29pm

    4 Units

    What is the relationship between the world as it appears to us in media and the world in which we live? This question looms large in the era of networked media, when so much of what we know about our world comes in the form of digital words and images, circulated in vast quantities at tremendous speeds. This question also serves as the starting point for our course, which will explore multiple theories of the relationship between representation and meaning.

    This writing intensive course introduces students to the craft of academic research. Students will be introduced to an important topic within an academic field, and practice communicating their perspective in a series of original essays.