• The Craft of Writing – Worldviews across Image-Text Genres

    R1A 001 | CCN: 23839

    Worldviews across Image-Text Genres

    Instructor: Kuan S Hwa

    Location: Wheeler 20

    Date / Time: Tu/Th 11:00am - 12:29pm

    4 Units

    In this reading and composition course we will increase our verbal/visual literacy and
    writing skills by guided prompts and workshops.  Thematically, our reading and writing
    will explore worldviews and ethics as they are expressed by image-text hybrid genres
    and eclectic examples therein, focusing on narratology, method, and meaning.  Through
    close reading, we will inquire into the nature of writing as an analytical, creative, and
    sensory medium, and especially consider how non-orthographic notions of textuality
    and theories of multimodality invite us to expand our understanding of how writerly
    expression shapes what is known about the world, ourselves, and our role within it,
    revealing written worlds as a mirror and guide for what the world and we can be. 
    Extensive peer review of our own writing and collaborative discussion of texts forms the
    basis of this class, culminating in a total of 32 pages of writing.