• The Craft of Writing – Strategic Storytelling: The Rhetoric of Literature

    R1A 003 | CCN: 24061

    Strategic Storytelling: The Rhetoric of Literature

    Instructor: Srijani Ghosh

    Location: Dwinelle 88

    Date / Time: Tu/Th 5:00pm - 6:29pm

    4 Units

    In this course, we will examine how literature can be a mode of persuasive
    communication. How do the rhetorical strategies of genre, form, and style inhere
    meaning in the text? How are authors’ personal biases and social agenda conveyed
    through their texts and does nonfiction enable a more “truthful” engagement with the
    audience compared to fiction? What is the relationship between literature and society
    and how does the literary narrative articulate concerns such as gender, race, class, and
    identity? We will read a selection of literary texts and explore how the rhetorical
    situations presented in literature might facilitate our identification with others and
    influence our understanding of the world. 

    This course fulfills the first half of the UC Reading & Composition requirement. We will
    devote plenty of time to the close reading of texts while paying particular attention to
    argumentation, analysis, and the fundamentals of writing at the college level.