• The Craft of Writing

    R1A - 001 | CCN: 24757

    Decolonial Options for Theories of Knowledge

    Instructor: Kuan Hwa & Keoni Correa

    4 Units

    M/W/F 1:00-2:00pm, Dwinelle 109 


    Scientia potentia est: “Knowledge is Power,” or so says Thomas Hobbes. Power over whom or what, and for whom, for what? Is that all that it is?

    How do we know what we know, and according to whom? Are there various ways of knowing—theoretical, practical, bodily ways of knowing, and various kinds of knowledge(s) that resist easy classification—knowledge(s) that differ across histories, cultural contexts, techniques, disciplines, schools, people, and modalities of thought? What criteria determine the validity of something to be knowledge, and under what historical, sociocultural, political, or epistemological conditions?

    This reading and composition course will increase your literacy and improve your writing skills through a series of guided essays. Writing will be our primary methodology for engaging with various histories of methods themselves, and for making sense of how different methods have continued to shape knowledge as a cultural object of human design. In particular, our inquiry into how knowledge(s) are produced and what they mean for different authors will aim towards a synthesis between decolonial discourses and sensori-motor conceptions of embodied knowledge—the way that we know through moving, sensing, and by cultivating habits rather than by reasoning alone.