• The Problem of Mass Culture and the Rhetoric of Social Theory

    171 | CCN: 77953

    Instructor: Felipe Gutterriez

    Date / Time: CANCELLED

    4 Units

    In this course we will examine the theories of mass society and popular
    culture that have emerged amid the complex social, cultural, economic, and industrial
    transformations of society that have occurred since the late 19th century. We will
    examine these theories as responses to the classic "problems" of mass culture, modern
    society as the site of emancipation or alienation, the role of theory as symptom or
    therapy, and the interplay between heterogeneity/homogeneity,
    unconscious/hyperconscious, and depth/surface that characterizes contemporary society.
    The readings in this course consist of the work of a number of social and cultural
    theorists. Many of these readings are quite difficult. I hope to make these theories more
    accessible through our collective consideration of a variety of cultural artifacts. To do
    well in this course you will have to read a lot of material carefully, be prepared to
    participate in class discussion, and be willing to work together on class presentations.
    Required Textbook(s):

    Course Reader
    Handouts available in class or on class website.


    Reading: There is a substantial amount of reading in this course. Mastery of these concepts and this style of argument will require a careful and thoughtful reading of the material.

    Writing: There will be midterm and final essays.

    Class attendance: Class attendance is required. I will be taking attendance.