• Theory and Practice of Reading and Interpretation

    118 001 | CCN: 33659

    The Rhetoric of the History of Concepts: Nation, Race, Ethnicity, Religion

    Instructor: Daniel Boyarin

    Location: Internet/Online

    Date / Time: We 2:00pm - 4:59pm

    4 Units

    In this seminar we will examine the methods and theoretical claims of the “history of concepts.” Among the theoreticians whose work we will be examining in some depth are Raymond Williams, Quentin Skinner, and Rene Kosselek. This will be conducted along side of a case study focusing on the concept-group nation, race, ethnicity, and religion. The case study will focus on the Jews as a conceptual problem in early modernity and through the 20th century till now (race, religion, nation, ethnicity?), although the expectation is that in their seminar papers students may turn their attention to other case studies, including (but not limited to) Islam, India, and Native Americans as well as Jews.

    The course will meet once a week on Wednesdays from 2-5. Active participation in class discussion and a seminar paper will be the major components of evaluation for this course.