• Undergraduate Seminar

    118 | CCN: 40957

    Digital Hermeneutics, Cultural Hermeneutics, Hermeneutics of Film

    Instructor: Felipe Gutterriez

    4 Units

    “Hermeneutics” refers to the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation. In this course we will be concerned with theoretical and practical dimensions of digital hermeneutics, cultural hermeneutics, and the hermeneutics of film. Among the authors whose works we will read are Roland Barthes, Paul Ricoeur, Stanley Cavell, Clifford Geertz, Don Idhe, Rafael Cappuro, Bernard Stiegler, and Yves Citton. A point the course will emphasize is the close link between hermeneutics and rhetoric, a link resulting from the ambiguity that gives rise to task of interpretation. 


    Required Texts: Course reader

    Assignments: Students will give presentations on the assigned readings and over the course of the semester will submit several written assignments.

    Prerequisite: Consent of the Instructor