Enroll for “Fundamentals of Public Speaking”— Online, Summer Session D

Rhetoric 2 – Su 16

Apr 15, 2020

2 | D | CCN: 12518

Instructor: Michael Dalebout

M/W/F 1:00-3:30 | 4 Units


This course is an online workshop in which students cultivate their own speaking style while developing strengths in skillful communication with diverse audiences in a variety of situations through multiple media. During the six-week term, students will engage in activities designed to foster their skills in written self-presentation, online visual and audio performance, and face-to-face encounters via streaming and collaborative technologies. By interacting individuals and groups online, students will exercise their ability to communicate well within the online public sphere, using digital technologies to exercise techniques that translate to in-person, real world success, as well. 

To promote the students’ exploration of themselves as public figures, we will explore the views of others who have considered the question of public speech, and who have engaged in public performance in a variety of contexts. The goal of this course is that students who begin with solid English reading and speaking comprehension skills will complete the course with 1) an enhanced capacity to successfully represent themselves and their perspectives in a variety of social circumstances, and 2) a refined sensitivity to how their self-presentation affects the lives of those around them.

This class will be taught via SYNCHRONOUS REMOTE INSTRUCTION.**
**Time conflicts are not allowed for this class.**


(To enroll for this online course, visit http://summer.berkeley.edu/apply)