‘Fanon’s Psychoanalysis’ with Robert J.C. Young

Fanon at Blida

UC Berkeley
Rhetoric 2022-23 Colloquium Series Presents

Fanon’s Psychoanalysis
Of all the many aspects of the life and work of Frantz Fanon, his relation to psychoanalysis has remained amongst the most enigmatic and debated—repeatedly criticised or tidied up into more recognizable forms. In what sense was Fanon a psychoanalyst, and if so what kind of psychoanalysis did he practice? Is there something distinctive that we can call “Fanon’s psychoanalysis” or even “Fanonian psychoanalysis”?

Robert J.C. Young, Silver Professor of English, New York University
Participating in the fight against racism and racial injustice, against its manifestations in politics and society, capitalism and culture, nationalism and media, has been a life’s work. In addition to its most obvious appearances in society and its institutions, from law to education, race also has also permeated academic thought in an extraordinary diversity of fields—law, literature, philosophy, language, science, sociology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, medicine, anthropology, history, even those more recently established such as gender or migration and refugee studies, or political practices such as humanitarian intervention. My interests have worked in an intersectional way across many of those fields; for the most part they are now centered in the relations between language, philosophy, and translation, with a special focus on the work of Frantz Fanon.

Stefania Pandolfo, Discussant, Professor, Anthropology, UC Berkeley.

Friday, March 3, 4-6pm (add to Google calendar)
370 Dwinelle, Level G (In-person only event)
Open to all Berkeley students and faculty

Presented by the Department of Rhetoric and cosponsored by Center for Race and Gender, Critical Theory, Film, French, and the Townsend Center.

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