Re/Sounding Place: a micro-symposium for the sonically engaged

Resounding place poster final

Sponsored by the Department of Rhetoric

Please join us for Re/Sounding Place; a micro-symposium for the sonically engaged. Re/Sounding Place seeks to facilitate conversation across a diverse range of artists, programmers, and scholars whose practices converge around sound—its acoustics, its materiality, its embodiment, its politics. The afternoon will be broken into two sessions: Sound + Site and Sound + Body with presentations from Megan Alvarado Saggese (UC Berkeley); Dena Beard (The Lab); James Fei (Mills College); Jim Haynes (Helen Scarsdale Agency); Nick Mathew (UC Berkeley); and Iván Ramos (UC Riverside). The sessions are meant serve as jumping off points for conversation rather than strict divisions of interests. We imagine (and hope!) there will be a tremendous amount of cross-pollination and crossover between them—after all, sites are constituted by bodies and bodies by sites.

Sound + Site, 3.30 – 5.00PM

Megan Alvarado Saggese, UC Berkeley

Dena Beard, The Lab

Jim Haynes, 23five incorporated

Sound + Body, 5.30 – 7.00PM

James Fei, Mills College

Nick Mathew, UC Berkeley

Iván Ramos, UC Riverside

Reception, 7.00 – 8.00PM