Rhetoric Spring Colloquium: Richard Hunter, “Hesiod, the Presocratics and Hellenistic Poetry”

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Save the Date! The Rhetoric Spring Colloquium presents a lecture by Richard Hunter, Regius Professor of Greek, Cambridge University, entitled, "Hesiod, the Presocratics and Hellenistic Poetry," on Friday, February 9th at 5pm in 142 Dwinelle. 

Abstract: The similarities and differences between Hesiod and the Presocratics are crucial for the development of ideas, not just about the nature of didactic poetry, but of philosophy itself. This lecture considers the relationship between the Presocratics and didactic poetry and, in particular, two sources of evidence for the ways in which the relationship was constructed in antiquity: Aristotle and the philosophical tradition, on one hand, and the poetic tradition of Alexandria on the other.