Truth at the Margins: Intersex, Transgender, and Tibetan Histories

Truth at the margins – 3
Truth at the Margins: Intersex, Transgender, and Tibetan Histories is a presentation by Dr. Tenzin on racism and disinformation in the media related to recent world events that affect us all.  
Tibetan Americans and other Diaspora Tibetans are experiencing racism due to a recent sensationalized media story. Especially of concern are immigrant Tibetan schoolchildren who are experiencing harassment and Tibetan elders experiencing trauma from the racist framing of their cultural practice.  
Dr. Tenzin (PhD, UC Berkeley) brings his expertise in rhetoric, gender, and sexuality to analyze the problems and dynamics in the media story and offers sources for the audience to follow up and learn more. Dr. Tenzin is also Tibetan and therefore part of the marginalized community experiencing heightened discrimination based on the racist, sensationalized media story that entwines dis- and misinformation.  
The speaker will begin with two brief reviews of intersex and transgender historical figures, as a way of establishing values of interconnectedness and understanding in the audience.
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Presented by Pride Asia, Berkeley Public Library, UC Berkeley Departments of Ethnic Studies and Anthropology, and the UC Berkeley Center for the Study of Sexual Culture.