Samera Esmeir

Associate Professor


  • 7311 Dwinelle Hall


Research Interests

Legal, Social, and Political Thought; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Critical Theory; Law and Society; Middle East Studies.

My research and teaching are at the intersection of legal and political thought, Middle Eastern history and colonial and post-colonial studies. One ongoing intellectual focus has been to examine how late-modern colonialism has introduced liberal juridical logics and grammars that in turn shaped modalities of political praxis, and how those have persisted in the post-colonial era and have traveled in different countries in the Middle East. My first book, Juridical Humanity: A Colonial History (Stanford University Press, 2012), pursues this problem in relation to colonial Egypt and examines how colonial juridical powers have … read more

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Select Occasional Pieces:
----“Equality Time” (roundtable on Saba Mahmood’s Religious Difference in a Secular Age), The Immanent Frame: Secularism, Religion and the Public Sphere,
----“A Guide for the Perplexed: On the Return of the Refugees,” Middle East Report Online (April, 2014).
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