Travel & Entertainment

Direct Bill ID(Prepayment for Travel):

Faculty in Rhetoric, Film & Media and History of Art can request a Direct Bill ID to be generated for either themselves or a sponsored guest by clicking here. Once the Direct Bill ID has been created, it will be emailed directly to the traveler and they will be able to contact UC Travel either via phone 877-885-8632 (within U.S.)  or 818-238-4445 (outside the U.S.)  or email: to book their trip.  This will allow the department to provide payment for the airfare so that the traveler does not need to pay out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed.

If travel request is related to an event you are planning:

If your guests will require airfare, they will need to complete the Direct Bill Request form located here


Honorarium Request:

Faculty in Rhetoric, Film & Media and History of Art can request by submitting your request an honorarium payment for a guest speaker here. Please note your visitor may need to be set up as a Vendor in order to be paid. You can find additional information here.



Requests for reimbursement should be submitted here. This system should be used for costs associated with travel, entertainment, supplies, conference registration, computers, memberships, and more. Please select Katie Robertson as your preferred approver when submitting your reimbursement request. You can find your chartstring and fund balance on PI Portfolio. If you have any questions about reimbursements, please email Katie and Liv at Please keep in mind that all service related expenses (services include paid labor, such as laptop repairs, film processing, translation, etc.) will need to go through BearBuy and the vendoring process tends to take at least a few weeks. 



Additional Resources:


 For details on allowable reimbursements, please see Entertainment Policy in a NutshellAdditional information on required documentation is located here


For details on allowable reimbursements, please see Travel Policy in a Nutshell. Please view this PDF for step by step instructions or view these videos for additional information. 

Other Reimbursements

The new types of expenses you can submit are those covered in UCOP Policy BUS-43 and include lab supplies, conference registration, office supplies, computers, memberships, office relocation, and more. There is a list of the most common expense types in this category on the Controller’s Office website.You can also watch a short video on how to use the reimbursement system for other expenses.