Recent Dissertations


  • Power of Pretext: Religious Justification in Science Fiction, Scientology, and Society

    Lilith Acadia
    Supervisor: Daniel Boyarin

  • Archipelago of Resettlement: Vietnamese Refugee Settlers in Guam and Israel-Palestine

    Evyn Espiritu
    Supervisor: Trinh T. Minh-ha


  • Disease and Difference in Three Platonic Diaogues: Gorgias, Phaedo, and Timaeus

    Chiara Ricciardone
    Supervisor: Ramona Naddaff and GRF Ferrari

  • The Body in Space: In Search of a Sensuous Dwelling in the Space of Accumulation

    Alexandria Wright
    Supervisor: Judith Butler

  • Programming Insight: Human and Machine Intelligence in the Petabyte Age

    Osita Udekwu
    Supervisor: David W. Bates

  • Feminist Materials: Quantum Physics and Critical Writing Practices for New Material Feminism

    Stacey Moran
    Supervisor: David W. Bates

  • Remittance Fiction: Human Labor Export, Realism, and the Filipino Novel in English

    Paul Nadal
    Supervisor: Judith Butler, Colleen Lye

  • The Refugee and Forced Migration Bidungsroman: Coming of Age and Coming into Form through Fictions of Home and Exile (Narrative Studies)

    Alexandra Budny
    Supervisor: Michael Mascuch


  • Corporate Personhood(s): The Incorporation of Novel Persons in American Law, Society, and Literature, 1870-1914

    Eugene McCarthy
    Supervisor: Marianne Constable

  • After New India: Diasporas, Anglophonisms, Returns

    Ragini Srinivasan
    Supervisor: Shannon Jackson, Colleen Lye

  • Combat in "A World Not for Us:" Revolutionary Writing in Aimé Césaire and Ghassan Kanafani

    Amirah Silmi
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • Preoccupations with Modernity: Geopolitics of Knowledge in Colombian Reproduction Laws,

    Alisa Sanchez
    Supervisor: Marianne Constable


  • The construction of the Colombian territory: Images of the Colombian Armed Conflict 2002- 2010

    Claudia Salamanca
    Supervisor: Samera Esmeir, David W. Bates

  • If Your World Was Built on Dispossession: Strategies of Conquest by Settlement in America

    Teresa K-Sue Park
    Supervisor: Marianne Constable

  • Return of the Indian: Bone Games, Transcription, and Other Gestures of Indigeneity

    Mark Minch
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • Infrastructures of Injury: Railway Accidents and the Remaking of Class and Gender in Mid-Nineteenth Century Britain

    Amanda Armstrong-Price
    Supervisor: Michael Wintroub, James Vernon


  • The Biopolitics of Memory: Lifted Tongues and Cloned Dogs

    Hyaesin Yoon
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • Monsoon Marketplace: Inscriptions and Trajectories of Consumer Capitalism and Urban Modernity in Singapore and Manila

    Fernando Gonzaga
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • American Biography, the History of Books, and the Market for Nationalism, 1800-1855

    John Garcia
    Supervisor: Michael Mascuch

  • Creative Destruction: Memory, Public Finance, and the State in New York City

    Keerthi Potluri
    Supervisor: Samera Esmeir, Michael J. Watts

  • Kenosis and Immanence: Self-Emptying in Eckhart, Hegel and Bataille

    Aleksey Dubilet
    Supervisor: Judith Butler, Niklaus Largier

  • Anima Automata: On the Olympian Art of Song

    Simon Porzak
    Supervisor: Daniel Boyarin, Barbara G. Spackman

  • Drone Flight and Failure: the United States' Secret Trials, Experiments and Operations in Unmanning, 1936-1973

    Katherine Chandler
    Supervisor: David W. Bates


  • Playing Nature : The Virtual Ecology of Game Environments

    Alenda Chang
    Supervisor: David W. Bates

  • Airport Modern: The Space between International Departures and Arrivals in Modern Korean National Imaginings

    Alice S. Kim

  • Dialectic, Desire & Discipline: The Formation of the Philosopher on the Scene of the Platonic Dialogue

    Vincent Tafolla

  • Negative Theatrics: Writing the Postdramatic Stage

    Julia Jarcho


  • Bearing Knowledge: Law, Reproduction and the Female Body in Modern Morocco, 1912-Present

    Satyel Larson

  • Up in the Sound: Form and Voice in Jazz and Post-War American Poetry

    Benjamin Lempert
    Supervisor: Kaja Silverman

  • The Therapeutic Turn in International Humanitarian Law: War Crimes Tribunals as Sites of "Healing"?

    Diana Anders

  • The Bigger Picture: The Panoramic Image and the Global Imagination

    Brooke Belisle

  • The Trouble with "Queerness": Drag and the Making of Two Cultures

    Katie Horowitz

  • Lyric and the Rhetoric of the Serial Mode in Twentieth Century American Poetry: Figuring Voice in the Work of Spicer, Berrigan, and Ashbery

    Colin Dingler


  • Spectral Socialisms: Marxism-Leninism and the Future of Marxist Thought in Post-Socialist Bulgaria

    Zhivka Valiavicharska
    Supervisor: Wendy L. Brown

  • Times of the Event: On the Aesthetico-Political in West Germany and Austria circa 1968

    Andrew Weiner

  • PreOccupied Territories: Polar Landscapes in the Cinema

    Emily Carpenter
    Supervisor: Linda Williams

  • Refiguring the Wordscape: Merleau-Ponty, Beckett and the Body

    Amanda Dennis
    Supervisor: Judith Butler

  • Vision in Ruins

    Michelle Dizon
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • From Red Lights to Red Flags: A History of Gender in Colonial and Contemporary Vietnam

    Quang-Anh Richard Tran

  • "This Modern Day Slavery": Sex Trafficking and Moral Panic in the United Kingdom

    Angela Hill


  • Immanent Shakespearing: Politics, Performance, Pedagogy

    Todd Barnes

  • The Limits of the Mind: Cognition and Narrative Form in the Modernist Novel

    James Harker
    Supervisor: David W. Bates

  • Life Expectancies: Late Victorian Literature and the Biopolitics of Empire

    Jessica Davies

  • Listening Speaks: Modernism and the Storytelling Voice

    Julie Beth Napolin

  • Dislocations of the Brain: Subjectivity and Cerebral Topology from Descartes to Nineteenth Century Neuroscience

    Nima Bassiri
    Supervisor: David W. Bates

  • Integration and the American Musical: From Musical Theatre to Performance Studies

    James Bradley Rogers
    Supervisor: Shannon Jackson

  • Tentative Futures: Ethics and Sexuality in the Nineteenth-Century Novel

    Amy Jamgochian

  • The Matter of Beauty: Materialism and the Self in Victorian Aesthetic Theory

    Benjamin Morgan


  • Sans Retour: Subjectivity, Ethics and the Question of Survival in the work of Semprun, Levinas and Derrida

    Colleen Pearl

  • Fate, Guilt and Messianic Interruptions: Ethics of Theological Critique in Hermann Cohen and Walter Benjamin

    Yannik Thiem

  • Beyond Blood and Coercion: A Study of Violence in Machiavelli and Marx

    Yves Winter

  • Contested Jurisdictions: Legitimacy and Governance at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

    Sara Kendall
    Supervisor: Marianne Constable

  • The General Theatre of Death: Modern Fatality and Modernist Form

    Amy Huber
    Supervisor: Judith Butler

  • Real Time over Real Space: Television, Telepresence and Contemporary Art

    Kristina Paulsen
    Supervisor: Kaja Silverman


  • Beyond Supersessionism: Gillian Rose and the Rhetoric of Transcendence

    Vincent Lloyd
    Supervisor: Daniel Boyarin

  • The Ethical Bind in the Writings of Simone Weil

    Yoon Sook Cha
    Supervisor: Judith Butler


  • Thou Shalt Not Kill?:  Legal Normativity and the Problem with Capital Punishment

    Benjamin Yost

  • Standing Before the Law:  Recognition, Power, and the Limits of Identity

    Sarah Burgess
    Supervisor: Judith Butler, Wendy Brown

  • Archiving Self:  Effacement, Erasure, Disappearance

    Litia Perta
    Supervisor: Trinh Minh-ha

  • Masumura Yasuzo and the Cinema of Social Consciousness

    Mark Roberts
    Supervisor: David J. Cohen

  • Visionary Machines:  A Genealogy of the Digital Image

    Elizabeth Patterson

  • The Question of Ethics for the Metonymically Restless, as posed by Giles Deleuze, Emmanuel Levinas, and Gertrude Stein

    Erik Schneider


  • Ancient Bodies, Contemporary Selves:  Reading Gender in Late Antique Christian Asceticism

    Kathryn Drabinski
    Supervisor: Judith Butler

  • Reason, Aesthetics and Solidarity:  Hegel and Adorno on the Reparation of Modernity

    Michael Feola
    Supervisor: Judith Butler

  • The Rhetorical Afterlife of Photographic Evidence:  Roland Barthes, Avital Ronell, Roni Horn

    John Muse
    Supervisor: Judith Butler, Kaja Silverman

  • Dead Time:  Narrative Form and Historical Knowledge in the Era of the Cold War

    Mark Pedretti
    Supervisor: John Bishop. Anthony J. Cascardi

  • Pancryptics: Technological Transformations of the Subjects of Privacy

    Norman Dale Carrico

  • Trauma and Ideology in the Soviet Film of 1929-1945

    Andrey Shcherbenok

  • Seeing it Again: Repetition and Exposition in the American Film Flashback

    Amy Zilliax


  • Narrating, Displaying & Spectating the Animal: Frank Norris, Jack London and the Urban Zoo

    Mark Feldman

  • Between the Black Box and the White Cube: Warhol, Expanded Cinema, and the Emergence of the Moving Image in American Art, 1963-1965

    Andrew Uroskie


  • The Rhetoric of Character in Gilded Age American Literature

    James Salazar

  • This Weakness is Needed: An Intervention in Social Contract Theory

    Jill Stauffer

  • The Oriental Obscene: Violence and the Asian Male Body in American Moving Images in the Vietnam Era, 1968-1985

    Sylvia Chong

  • Self-Assertion and Self-Effacement in Modern Political Theory

    Julie Cooper

  • Emerson's Platonic Dialogue: Negotiating the American Individual

    Jennifer Gurley

  • A Style of Life: Spectral Subjectivity and the Limits of Sacred Life

    Stuart Murray

  • The Concept of the Living

    Aaron Nathan


  • Assuming a Body:  Transgenderism and Rhetorics of Materiality

    Gayle Salamon

  • Heidegger's Tasks: The Many Ways to Being

    Forrest Hartman

  • The Fantastic Subject: On the Role of Images of Matter and Space in Psychic Life, Literature and Psychoanalysis

    Jody Lewen

  • Art After Words: Conceptualism, Structuralism, and the Dream of the Information World

    Eve Meltzer


  • Thucydides and the Metaphysical Foundations of History

    Darien Shanske

  • Film on Film: Self-reflexivity and Moving Image Technology

    Catherine Zimmer

  • Subject to Debate: Gender, Self and Allegory in the Middle English Poetry of Disputation

    Masha Raskolnikov

  • Vagaries of the Republic: Classical Republicanism and Millennialism in Three Nineteenth-Century Utopian Communities

    Ellen Rigsby

  • The Oriental Monk in American Popular Culture: Race, Religion, and Representation in the Age of Virtual Orientalism

    Jane Iwamura

  • The Aesthetics of the Worst: Remembering and Forgetting in French, Yiddish, and Architectural Holocaust Representations

    Brett Kaplan

  • Effaced Figure: Authorship and the American Cinema

    Homay King

  • Fields of Recognition: Reading Asian Canadian Literature in Asian America

    Meng Yu Marie Lo

  • Martyrdom in Korean American Literature: Resistance and Paradox in East Goes West, Quiet Odyssey, Comfort Woman and Dictee

    Sandra Si Yun Oh

  • Tropes of Transport: The Work of Emotionality in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

    Katrin Pahl

  • Strategies of Indirection in African American and Irish Contemporary Fiction, Zora Neale Hurston to Toni Morrison, and Mary Lavin to fil's Ni' Dhuibhne

    Jacqueline Fulmer

  • Surviving Figures: Romantic Rhetoric and Post-Holocaust Writing

    Sara Guyer


  • Authentic Reproductions: The Making and Re-making of More Asian Americans in Donald Duk, Bone, and Native Speaker

    Vivian Fumiko Chin

  • Foucault and his Authors

    Jacob S. Fisher

  • Heart Murmurs: Narrating Reliable Work, Enacting a Technical World

    Jennifer Miller

  • The Making of Zoot Suiters in Early 1940s Mexican Los Angeles

    David Alfonso-Jose Rojas