To meet the minimal requirements of the doctoral program, PhD students must complete the following requirements within this schedule: 
Year 1
  • Rhetoric 200, 205, and 2 other seminars, at least one of which is a Rhetoric seminar
  • Rhetoric 375 (Pedagogy) by the first semester of the first GSI appointment
  • Fulfillment of first Foreign Language requirement
  • Year 1 Review
Year 2
  • Minimum of 4 seminars, of which at least 2 are elective Rhetoric seminars
  • Rhetoric Proseminar (2 units)
  • Year 2 Review (in 1st semester)
Year 3
  • Rhetoric Research Seminar (2 units)
  • Fulfillment of second Foreign Language requirement (by the end of 1st semester)
  • Successfully pass the Qualifying Examinations (by the end of the 2nd semester) for Advancement to Candidacy
Year 4
  • File an approved Dissertation Prospectus (by the end of the 1st semester) 
Years 5 and 6 
  • Dissertation underway
Note that this schedule comprises the timeline for minimal requirements of the PhD program. For guidelines of a suggested and normative schedule, please see the departmental Graduate Student Handbook.    
A more detailed version of the Rhetoric PhD Program Requirements and Timeline can be found here.