Introducing: Major Maps

Rhetoric Major Map Cover

Dec 02, 2019

The Rhetoric Department is taking part in the Major Map Pilot Program, a new initiative on campus that aims to produce a comprehensive resource to help students plan and navigate their undergraduate experience based on their field of interest. Below is a quote from the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Education website describing the purpose of the Major Map:

“Major Maps are a new resource created to help students design and plan their UC Berkeley undergraduate journey, based on their intended major or field of interest. These Major Maps include tips and resources for students to consider, from what types of courses to take when, to opportunities for campus and community, to career planning resources, and more. The Major Maps Project supports the university’s goal of improving the UC Berkeley student experience by providing a tool to help undergraduate students Explore their major, Connect and build community, Discover their passions, Engage locally and globally, and Reflect and plan for their future.”

Here is a link to the interactive Rhetoric Major Map, physical copies will be available at the department offices by the Spring 2020 semester.