Guillem Serrahima Solà

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Research Interests

Philosophy of technology
Epistemology of noise
Media art
History of science
Semantic history
General ecology
History of engineering

Guillem Serrahima Solà (Barcelona, 1988) has a degree in contemporary philosophy from Université Paris 8, and a master’s degree in sociological aesthetics from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, with a thesis on social rhythms and the aesthetics of money in Georg Simmel, under the supervision of Barbara Carnevali. He is currently writing a PhD thesis on the generative role of noise in audio-visual practices of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as in the epistemology of the second wave cybernetics. This work explores the communicative dimension of noise as a form of organization of technical and media ecologies, as well as its structural dysfunctions. The thesis is carried out at the ESTCA department (Esthétique, Sciences, Technologies du Cinema et l’Audiovisuel), Paris 8, under the supervision of Dork Zabunyan. He is currently an Associated Researcher at NEST (Networking Ecologically Smart Territories) in the Department of Rhetorics, UC Berkeley.

Alongside, he has made Noise Traffic, a visual essay on the role of noise in the financial markets and the somatization of monetary values in the human body. He is currently making a second film, Ubiquitous Noise, about noise and the psycho-pathologies derived from the profusion of electromagnetic signals and the ubiquitous power of information technologies.

He is the co-founder and editor of IF Publications, a publisher of artists’ books (Heimo Zoberning, Francesc Abad, etc.) and essay books in Spanish (Ana Tsing, Fred Moten, Isabelle Stengers, etc.). In recent years he has collaborated with different digital artists as well as presented his work in various educational and art institutions. Finally, he is exploring beekeeping with eight hives in Catalunya.