Richard Grijalva

Dissertation Title

Forging the Concept of Mexico in the Long Colonial Twilight, 1750-1824

Research Interests

- Colonial Latin American Studies
- 16th to 20th Century Mexico
- Philosophy and Rhetoric
- Classical Rhetorical Theory
- History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Histories
- Systems of Thought and Signifying Regimes
- Veridiction and Subjectivation
- Ontology, Semiotics, Politics, and Social Thought-


My dissertation examines the different ways that the term México changes significance and becomes a concept between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. “Forging the Concept of Mexico in the Long Colonial Twilight” maps the history of the proper name México and status as a concept in multiple discourses: theological, spiritual, historical, political, scientific, economic, constitutional, and juridical.  I have taught courses in the Rhetoric Department on the concept of reason, the ethics of design, the idea of study, and rhetorical interpretation. Additionally, I have served as a Graduate … read more