Honors Thesis in Rhetoric

To apply, students must complete Rhetoric 10, 20, and either 103A or 103B, maintain a minimum 3.7 Rhetoric GPA and a 3.5 overall UCB GPA to undertake the two semester Honors Thesis series, Rhetoric H190A-H190B, under the supervision of a selected Rhetoric faculty member. Four units of credit (two units each semester) for the H190AB sequence may be applied toward graduation as upper division units and fulfillment of one major upper division elective. Honors candidates who complete the 4-unit course with a letter grade of A- or better, have at least a 3.7 GPA in all rhetoric courses, and an overall UCB GPA of at least 3.5, will receive a BA with honors in the major. Seniors eligible to enroll in the honors program must make arrangements with a faculty member willing to direct their honors thesis in the semester before they enroll in H190A. See the Undergraduate Assistant for Honors information and application.

Warning: Graduating honors candidates who complete major requirements but take an incomplete in the H190AB series must drop themselves from the degree list or honors will not appear on official transcript with diploma.