Rhetoric Society

The Rhetoric Society at Berkeley is an academic club with a mission to create an open environment for discussion through a rhetorical lens. All undergraduates in Rhetoric are encouraged to join our virtual meetings, events, and study sessions this semester.

2020-21 Rhetoric Society Leaders

Savon Bardell is a senior studying Rhetoric (History and Theory concentration) with a minor in Race and Law. In addition to the rhetoric society, she is Vice President of the Black Pre-law Association and former columnist and current hiring manager at The Daily Californian. Outside of campus, she works with a nonprofit organization representing low-income immigrants in immigration and criminal matters in the Bay Area.

Max Garber is a senior transfer student majoring in Rhetoric (Public Discourse concentration), which he considers the greatest major at UC Berkeley. He enjoys political activism, fantasy and historical fiction novels, winning on game night, and the Golden State Warriors. Things he doesn’t enjoy include people who use FaceTime at the grocery store, hanging the toilet paper roll the wrong direction, wet socks, and the way the word “colonel” is spelled.  Both lists are much longer, of course, and include things like food and the snooze button and getting stabbed and pneumonia, but there was only so much space.  Go Bears.  

Helena Subin Park is from Seoul, Korea. She is a third-year senior majoring in Rhetoric (Narrative and Image concentration). Besides working with the Rhetoric Society at Berkeley, she is captain of the Cal Boxing team. She also mentors students at an elementary school in Oakland and coaches speech and debate to high school students. Rhetoric has defined her experience at Berkeley in so many ways that she hopes it does the same for you too. 

Keaton Whittaker is a Senior double majoring in Rhetoric (Narrative and Image concentration) and Public Health. On campus, he is involved with the Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program where he works as the student coordinator for Public Health 116, an undergraduate lecture seminar that explores social, ethical, and political issues in public health. 

Contact us via email at berkeleyrhetoricsociety@gmail.com or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/rhetoricatcal/