Lilith C. Acadia


Filing Date: 8/8/18 Lilith Acadia studies the discursive role and epistemic power of naturalized concepts such as 'religion' and 'the human' in literary and social texts, and holds a PhD from the Rhetoric Department at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating from Smith College … More

Spencer Adams

Bruno Anaya Ortiz

Kevin Block

  • Architectural history and theory, the sociology of architecture, cultural history, American studies, design studies, creativity and labor, globalization.


My dissertation is a historical research project that reconsiders the epistemological and social conditions necessary for the growth of the American architecture profession. I am broadly interested in architecture and design as forms of knowledge production and the built environment as a means … More

Katherine Brown

Michael Dalebout

    Monday 3-5, 7414 Dwinelle Hall (or by appointment)

  • philosophy of technology, rhetoric of selfhood, public oratory, aesthetics and politics, histories and theories of comedy
  • Advisor: Trinh Minh-ha


My current project investigates the role of technology in contemporary American stand-up comedy during the last decade. In general, I research humanity’s ineluctable, agonistic relationship with technology, leveraging insights from many disciplines—including science and technology … More

Evyn Lê Espiritu


Filing Date: 5/25/18 Evyn Lê Espiritu graduated from UC Berkeley Rhetoric with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory in 2018. She currently serves as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies in the Asian Studies Program at College of the Holy Cross. … More

Richard Grijalva

    7404 Dwinelle, Tuesday 4:00-5:00PM
    7414 Dwinelle, Thursday 4:00-5:00PM

  • - Colonial Latin American Studies
    - 16th to 20th Century Mexico
    - Philosophy and Rhetoric
    - Classical Rhetorical Theory
    - History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Histories
    - Systems of Thought and Signifying Regimes
    - Veridiction and Subjectivation
    - Ontology, Semiotics, Politics, and Social Thought-


My dissertation examines the different ways that the term México changes significance and becomes a concept between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. “Forging the Concept of Mexico in the Long Colonial Twilight” maps the history of the proper name … More

Yael Hacohen


Yael Hacohen has an MFA in Poetry at New York University where she was an Adjunct Professor, an NYU Veterans Workshop Fellow, and International Editor at Washington Square Review. Her poems appear in The Poetry Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Every Day Poets Magazine, Nine … More

Kuan Hwa

  • embodied knowledge, politics of translation, modern and contemporary philosophy of embodiment in Western Europe and Japan, philosophy of habit, sense studies, aesthetics, intercultural phenomenology, semiotics, somatics, materiality of politics, food culture


Kuan Hwa is a contemporary artist and PhD candidate.  His MFA thesis used multiple taxonomies of video sequences to investigate muscle memory as socio-cultural memory across various communities of practice, from salsa dance to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Currently, he is working on … More

Ryan Ikeda

Anooj Kansara

Lyndsey Karr

Linda Kinstler

Emily O'Rourke

    7404 Dwinelle
    Mondays 11:00-1:00PM, and by appointment

  • modernism/modernity, film and media, modern social and political theory, moral imaginaries specific to capitalism, literary theory, political economy, feminist theory, visual culture, cultural history, globalization


My dissertation, “Custodians of Value,” critically reassesses how we read and understand modernist literature, culture, and thought in the late context of the postwar rise of meritocratic beliefs under conditions of growing economic equality in advanced industrial democracies. I … More

Kathleen Powers

  • philosophy of science, bioethics


I am interested in the definition of biology in Western philosophy. In particular, I am interested in 20th century vitalism's attempt to define biological life. I intend to write a dissertation on medical interventions in end of life care and the changing definitions of consciousness that attend … More

Michelle Velasquez-Potts

  • political theory, science and technology studies, feminist and queer theory, critical ethnic studies, critical prison studies, visual cultures, hunger striking, political protest, the weaponization of the body, ethics of pain and suffering.
  • Advisor: Samera Esmeir


Michelle is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. Her dissertation, Technologies of Incapacitation: US Torture Regimes and the Captive Body focuses on what she refers to as “carceral vivisections,” technologies and practices deployed by state … More

Katharine Wallerstein

  • The body, the self, aesthetics, modernity, modernism, feminist theory, gender and sexuality, French theory, visual culture.


Along with being an academic I have founded and run arts, cultural and humanities programs and centers in the U.S. and in France. More

Tim Wyman-McCarthy

Camila Yadeau

  • 19th and 20th-century continental philosophy and critical theory, modern Chinese intellectual history, modern political theory, philosophy of history


Camila YaDeau is interested in the encounters and exchanges between Western European philosophy and political thought and Chinese intellectuals in the late 19th through the mid-20th century. She is interested in the translation of texts, the history of concepts, and the reception of particular … More

Janice Yu


Janice Yu is a PhD candidate in the department of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. She works across the fields of visual studies, race studies, ontology, and posthumanism. Her dissertation primarily takes up representations of dead bodies as visual articulations of our thoughts on not only death but the … More