The Big Give is just around the corner!

March 7, 2022

We continue to be a small department with a great reputation—the best graduate students and liveliest undergraduates on campus! We hope you are in a position to help us sustain the excitement of learning here!

The Big Give is just around the corner: Thursday, March 10. #CalBigGive

The Big Give is an annual online day of giving when you show support for your favorite institutions through contests and social media shout-outs. We appreciate any and all contributions that you make to the Graduate Student Endowment that we established to honor our very own Felipe Rochon Gutterriez. Interest from this growing fund supports Rhetoric graduate students. If you would prefer to contribute to another aspect of the program, please feel free to use this link to the general fund: The Department of Rhetoric.

Note that it doesn’t matter how much you give! Please show your support for Rhetoric!

Thank you so much,
On behalf of the Department of Rhetoric

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