Carol Clover

Professor Emerita

Film and Scandinavian

PhD, UC Berkeley

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Research Interests

Early Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Anglo-Saxon England, northern Continent), sagas of early Iceland, narrative prose, the borders between pagan/Christian and oral/literate, gender, film

On the Medieval side, Clover has published two books and a number of articles on the history and culture of Early Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Anglo-Saxon England, northern Continent). Her interests here range from the origins of narrative prose, the borders between pagan/Christian and oral/literate, and understandings of gender. She is currently researching the role of procedural law and of specific trials in the rise of the prose sagas of early Iceland.

On the Film side, she is working on a book on the relation between the Anglo-American trial and Anglo-American narrative entertainment ("The People’s Plot: Film and the Adversarial Imagination") and the difference of that trial and that entertainment system from those of Continental Europe. Clover has taught courses on film theory, film and law, and film genres (horror, film noir, courtroom drama).




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