Deimy Chavez Oropeza

My interests are in feminist philosophy, drawn from both the analytic and continental traditions. I am particularly interested in (gendered/sexual/racial) harm’s power to produce error, ignorance, paranoia, and other deficiencies in cognitive contact with the world. Within feminist philosophy, I also have interests in the debates and discourses around abortion, transness, sexual difference, sex work, and sexual violence.

I have secondary academic interests in Kantian constructivism, practical reason and knowledge, Marxism, standpoint theory, writings about the self, and theology. I have taught undergraduate courses about Korsgaard's Fellow Creatures: Our Obligations to the Other Animals, love, and Marxist feminism.
I recently completed my master's thesis, "Self-Ownership, Slavery, and Abortion".
My non-academic interests include cooking, knitting, ice skating, and dancing.

Before starting my PhD I attended The University of Chicago, where I studied Gender and Sexuality, Linguistics, and Philosophy.