pê feijó


pê feijó is a Lisbon-based writer, scholar, and militant who’s concerned with monstrosity as theory and praxis of embodied minority politics (namely crip, cuir, decolonial, and class struggles).

Her public works include the collectively authored Acordo Queerográfico (2013), the entry on ‘gender’ for Electra magazine De-Generatione: From the margins of gender (2018), the portuguese co-translation of and preface to Paul Preciado’s Countersexual Manifesto (Edições Unipop, 2015, and Orfeu Negro, 2019), the essay The Three-legged Bird: Monstrosity and Imagination (2020), and her most recent auto-theoretical poem-essay Episodes of Fantasy and Violence (2021). Her MPhil dissertation focuses on witchcraft and the portuguese Inquisition, a section of which, on archival production and the architecture of literate power, will soon be published by Uppsala University with the name The Architecture of a Secret: An Inquisitorial Machine in the Works.

pê feijó graduated from the Universidade de Lisboa with a degree in General Studies and minors in Physics, Mathematics, and History and Philosophy of Science, and holds a MPhil in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine from the University of Cambridge. She is currently doing a PhD in Rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley.


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