William Morgan


William Morgan is a philosopher of technology whose research resides at the intersection of cybernetics, modern finance and artificial intelligence. He is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley where he is also member of the Berkeley Center for New Media and the editorial board of the journal, qui parle. Most recently, he was part of the inaugural class of Antikythera Studio Fellows, housed within the Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles. His work has previously appeared in e-flux, Theory, Culture & Society, SustainabilityMedia Theory and qui parle.

Video Projects / Websites: 

"Finance Must Be Defended: Cybernetics, Neoliberalism and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)": Sustainability (as part of Special Issue: "Foucault, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability"). 2023; 15(4):3707.

"Epigenomics and the Xenoformed Earth: Bioinformatic Ruminations with Gilbert Simondon": Theory, Culture & Society (Online First February 14, 2023).

"A Farewell to Sufficiency (In Memory of Jean-Luc Nancy)". Qui Parle 1 December 2022; 31 (2): 297–304.

Secrets and Machines: A Conversation with GPT-3”. with Ethan Plaue. e-flux, Issue #123, December 2021.

Networks of Belief: An Introduction”. with Kyra Sutton. Qui Parle, 1 June 2021; 30 (1): 1–17.

What Is (Machine) Philosophy?”. with Luciana Parisi. Qui Parle, 1 June 2021; 30 (1): 185–207.