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Sharad Chari

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Mel Y. Chen

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Gender and Women's Studies

Mary Ann Doane

Professor, Class of 1937 Professor of Film & Media
Film & Media

Donna Jones

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Hans Sluga

Professor, William and Trudy Ausfahl Professor
I have broad philosophical interests of both a systematic and a historical kind. These cross the boundaries of so-called “analytic” and “Continental” philosophy. From the latter tradition I have acquired a strongly historical bent. Over all I feel most indebted to Wittgenstein. Among my systematic concerns are issues in the philosophy of logic (in particular the question how to conceive logic in naturalistic and historicist terms), the theory of meaning, and epistemology. In recent years I have become increasingly concerned with political philosophy and specifically with what I call “the...

Damon Young

Associate Professor
Film & Media